Bunny Come and Gone

Easter weekend over.  It was a good one, and doubly fun because it was my birthday (despite Turbo’s belief that no one but him really ever has a birthday.  He opened all my gifts for me and was absolutely miffed to find clothes and a purse inside those festive boxes.  He let me have my gifts once he established that they did, indeed, suck.)  Turbo was great with the grandparents.  He said amazing things like, “May I be excused, please?” and “This is a great dinner, mommy!”  The other one…not so much.  I don’t know exactly when Lunchbox entered this phase, but I’m ready for it to end.  This is that phase where he spends most of his time moaning or just plain screaming and no one is ever quite sure what the hell he wants.  There is a lot of pointing and grunting, but once you hand him the thing you thought he was pointing at, he often just flings it to the floor in total frustration with the idiot adults around him who evidently have not been practicing at baby charades nearly hard enough.

I love that little Lunchbox, but he had me at my wit’s end this weekend and I’m not sure how either of us will survive this phase.  My parents left this morning with me standing, slightly hung over (we tend to be too festive together) at the door, Lunchbox wrapped around my leg screaming bloody murder.

I just wanted to write this to let them know a couple things:  Firstly, it does seem that I will survive this day afterall… it has gotten slightly better (and exponentially better now that it’s nap time and I’ve taken care of the, ahem, “Easter candy problem.”)  Secondly, that I love them and am so glad we got the chance to spend the weekend together.  What made it all even better, was that my brother came up for a couple days, too, so it was a total Call Sign Mommy family fiesta.  I think the Major may have been slightly overwhelmed, but he said he was happy to see me having such a good time.

Since Turbo’s school has elected to go ahead and let the kids come for the rest of the week (and is not taking another no-reason holiday this week that I’m aware of), I’ll be back at work tomorrow and things will go back to normal.  Until then I’m enjoying my forced day off (at least I’m enjoying it when Lunchbox isn’t screaming.)


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