Invasion of the Tomato Snatchers

I’m a closet gardener. Wait, is that really possible? No — because gardening is something you do outside that other people actually see. So I’m not so much a closet gardener, as one who doesn’t feel totally adept at a hobby that has come to mean a lot to me. I love digging in the dirt, watching something grow (something that doesn’t talk back and is happy to drink it’s water when I’m damned well good and ready to give it and not a moment before!!)  I love the peace that comes with doing something outside, feeling a part of something bigger than me… And while I’m terrified of bees (I’m allergic and they will literally. kill. me.), I have even come to a peaceful arrangement with the bees that pollinate my flowers.

I wasn’t going to plant vegetables this year. But we’re showing the house and my sad little raised bed looks pretty forlorn with nothing growing in it. So for Mother’s Day, I got myself some new dirt, fertilizer and planted some tomato and basil.  I set up the automatic watering system (very high tech), and voila! Now I just have to wait, right?

Not right. Perhaps I’ve mentioned before that I don’t love the environment in which we live… it’s hot and windy and desolate. And evidently there are large insects or evil bunnies or something that steal entire tomato plants right out of gardens!  I went out today to play with the kids, and quizzed Turbo at great length about what might’ve happened to two of my four sad little plants.  He knew nothing, or so he said… and I actually believe him.

One more reason to be excited about the move, regardless of the details, right?


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