Daycare Drama

I’m flummoxed. How do parents who work full time manage it? I work 24 hours a week. It’s not a lot, but it feels like full time – and there is always pressure to stay later, work more. And sometimes I do, because the current school/daycare setup that we’ve been lucky enough to work out allows for some flexibility. But we’re moving. I’ve got the kids enrolled in a school in our new home, BOTH at one place, which will be a nice change. BOTH on one schedule, which will be nice too (although, technically, neither of them has to be dropped off or picked up at any specific time here, which is really nice.)  Out there, they’ll be on a “school day” schedule – 8:30 to 2:30.  And it looks like I will be able to keep my job and work in the office out there. But I will have ZERO flexibility, since the new school has made it clear that there is no option for picking them up later or dropping them off much earlier. (Did I mention that this was the cheapest adequate option I could find and that it’s still gonna cost 50% more than what we pay here?)

I have friends who work full time… and I’m starting to wonder how they manage it (or afford it!!) And what happens when the kids are in “real” school, and they get out at like 2:30?  What do parents of school-aged kids do? And how will we get them to and from soccer/band/ piano/basketweaving classes after school?

And what do full time career parents do when schools, like Turbo’s fabulous Montessori program* decides that ohbytheway, the last week of school will be all half days.  That week will also be my last week at work (on this coast) and now I get to mention that ohbytheway BOSS, I’ll be taking half days my last week here. And burning my paid time off because I have no choice – thanks to Turbo’s school.

(*which I actually do love, but I still don’t get how they justify their scheduling…)

This is one of those things that I’m sure will work itself out (with a hell of a lot of footwork on my part), but it’s STRESSING me out. Because we’re trying to sell a house and move across the country and I don’t have enough to worry about. In fact, if there’s anything YOU are worried about, why don’t you tell me so I can help you by worrying about it too? I’m good at worrying. REALLY good.

I think I need a visit with my friend Riesling. What? it’s 10:30 am? Crap.


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