The Five Pronged Approach

Even if you’re not battling a creeping waistline and struggling to tuck  your kidneys back into your pants after bending down, you might be looking for some health and fitness guidance from a personal trainer. No? Well, suck it up, I’m offering it anyway. Mostly, writing down my strategies for success in the fitness arena is a way for me to remind myself of what needs to be done. And if it benefits you too, then that’s gravy.

So over the next few days, I’ll offer a five pronged attack plan for getting on top of my eating and exercise, paving the way for a somewhat better looking Mommy at reunion time (end of June, peeps.)

The Five Pronged Plan:

1. Writing it Down
2. Moving it Around
3. Taking it up a Notch
4. Making it Mental
5. Keeping it Up (get your mind of out the gutter)


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