Flat Tires and other fun

Yesterday totally sucked. And the weird thing was how surprised I was to have a day completely suck. I’ve been in such a good mood (which is a new phenomenon because really, I think I’ve been in a bad mood for, like, 30 years or so). But I’ve been in such a good mood that I almost didn’t realize that the day was sucking as one little thing after another didn’t go quite right, and finally the universe (which must have been pissed to realize that I hadn’t noticed that my day was totally blowing monkey balls) finally had to do something really crappy to be sure that it had my attention.

First, I ripped a contact lens while I was rubbing it clean. I took this as a good thing, actually… see, I’m not supposed to be wearing contacts at all right now because I’m having my eyes evaluated for laser surgery in a couple weeks and they must return to their native “no contact” shape. I normally wear rigid gas permeable lenses (hard), and if that’s the case you have to have them out for 3 weeks prior to evaluation. But I have a pair of soft lenses which I don’t usually wear because the vision isn’t as good, and if you wear soft lenses, they only make you go without for 2 weeks prior. So I kind of just “stepped down” from hard to soft for that first week because I hate wearing my glasses in public. Anyway, Monday of the second week should’ve been the first day that I just sucked it up and wore NO contacts as suggested. I was breaking a rule by planning to put in that soft lens, you see, so it was probably good that it got ripped before I could put it in.

Some other random things went wrong in the morning — I suppose all put together, I should have seen a trend… but I still wasn’t getting it. So the Universe decided to get my attention. By blowing out my tire. Luckily, I didn’t even notice. šŸ™‚ I was sitting at my desk, sipping my coffee, when “the owner of a blue..” was paged to the front. I quickly started feeling guilty about something that I must’ve done without realizing it. “Did I hit someone’s car and not even notice? Did I park diagonally and just walk away? Did I leave my door open (this has happened before)?” I really don’t see all that well with my glasses in, and am not super confident driving with them since I wear them so infrequently… but it turns out I was paged because someone heard air hissing from my rear tire. I called AAA to put on my spare, and the tread had totally detaced from the sidewalls. I was lucky it didn’t completely detach while driving with my tiny people in the car. That would have been scary. Luckily we have a car with this Frankenstein-style motley assortment of features, including speed rated tires that only Dale Earnhardt Jr. would really appreciate while driving two kids to the grocery store on a daily basis. Replacing them with anything normal is next to impossible. So I’m driving on my tiny spare for a couple more days until we get it figured out.

I also got some fantastic news at the dentist yesterday… I’ve always had crappy teeth. They look okay, but they’re like an optical illusion. They’re all crowned and now it seems that I’m just one misbitten apple away from having one of my front teeth fracture and crumble, as a result of my stress-induced grinding on my misaligned bite. Braces, the dentist tells me, are a necessity.

Eye surgery… braces… ? What the hell is wrong with me?? I am supposed to be having to worry about this stuff with my kids! Now it looks like I will be choosing between fixing my eyes and fixing my teeth, if we can afford to do either. I’m not even going to go into the jaw popping issue that the dentist brought up, where my jaw locks open if I open my mouth too wide… He thinks that will cause long term problems too and that it will somehow need to be ‘treated.’ Maybe we can treat it with hypnosis. Or by simply ignoring it as I’ve done for thirty-some years now…

Here’s to a better Tuesday!


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