Home Improvement

The definition of “settle” – according to my go to site, Google (did you know they had a dictionary feature??) can be one of many things. The two definitions I identify with and use most often are:

  1. accept or agree to (something that one considers to be less than satisfactory
  2. adopt a more steady or secure style of life, especially in a permanent job and home

Maybe not in that order.

So the Major and I bought a house in December. It’s a great house, near the base where we both work. Our current location offers a great quality of life, a safe neighborhood, and lots of outdoor-type stuff that we all enjoy. The neighborhood even has a private beach, where we spend pretty much every single Sunday afternoon, sipping cocktails and talking about life while the kids putter around next to the dock.

This wonderful neighborhood is also about three thousand miles away from what I still think of as “home.” California.

The Major will likely retire soon, and this is a great place for post active-duty employment. The kids are happy, the weather is usually good, and life is pretty easy. We have a lot more house than we could afford in many parts of the country, and there’s no Homeowners’ Association, so the Major can pursue his many interesting hobbies without fear of the neighbors being annoyed about the trailer/antenna/RC airplane in our yard. (yeah, we’re kinda leaning white trash. I’ve come to terms with it. I just buy expensive wine to try to counter the trend.)

So basically, we’ve settled. Take it however you like.

But coming back to home ownership means we get to do PROJECTS!!! I LOVE PROJECTS!

The first one I attacked was my office. Since I’m a serious fiction writer and all (ahem… please don’t chuckle), the Major let me have the “real” office. And I immediately decorated it exactly the way I wanted it… Girly colors and birch tree decals and generally just a kickass feminine creative space. What do you think?

OfficeIMG_1087 IMG_1083


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