Delancey Stewart’s Newest Book

Yeah, I know. That title is a blatant plug for my alter ego. But it’s still true. She, er, I mean I…did release a book today!

It’s the third book in the Girlfriends of Gotham series, and it really is a super fun book, called Cosmos and Commitment. This whole series is loosely based on the time in my life when I was young and single and living in NYC as the Internet really began to take hold (think 1998). It was a strange time compared to now — cell phones were not a given, there was no texting, no facebook, and was just launched (they were one of the first clients of the company I worked for and I had a free account, which I eventually used to locate the Major… another story, another time).

If you think it sounds like fun, go grab the first book in the series — Men and Martinis. Or jump straight into the third — the stories are standalone!



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