Stop me before I shop again…

I got a little carried away today at Joss and Main… you’ve been there, right??? Curated flash sales, they call it… it’s kind of like my love for Underground Cellar, which is basically gambling for winos. Don’t get me started on that addiction.

Our guest room is…kind of uninviting right now. (Ignore the mess.) IMG_1593IMG_1592

Seriously, who posts photos like these???

I do. I guess.

I know, it’s sucky. The curtains came with the house, and the bed… well, it doesn’t look terrible when we’ve got the blanket across the bottom and the pillows artfully arranged. But I’ve been wanting to make an upholstered headboard. And then do something in navy and pink… with dots of yellow… maybe. And that whole upholstered headboard project? I had so many great sites to inspire me. Like here, and here… But then, I was at work and Joss and Main was there. Well, not there. But on the internet. Because I was, you know. WORKING?

And I saw THIS: Sullivan+Upholstered+Headboard+in+Rice

AND it was $130. By the time I’d gotten all the stuff together and put in the time, I would have for sure spent that. So I ordered it. So now I have a headboard. (Or I will. Soon. In a really BIG box!)

Suggestions welcome on what else to do in that room. I’m thinking navy blue, but I don’t know why. Ideas?


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