Charming Childrens’ Artwork (not)

On Sunday I took Turbo to his soccer game (where an Arctic wind blew freezy air fingers up my butt — hello!), leaving Lunchbox at home alone with the Major. When I got home, the Major told me how they’d had lunch in the trailer in the driveway since he was doing some work on it, and how they’d played CandyLand after lunch. It was one of the first real fall days around these parts, and this whole situation just had me feeling all warm and fuzzy about the way they’d spent their time while we’d been out.

As I walked in with Turbo, I noticed some chalk art on the driveway, and knowing how wholesome the rest of their lunch hour had been, I asked Lunchbox about it.


“Lunchbox,” I said. “Is that a picture of you and Daddy?”

He grinned at me and shook his sweet little head. “That’s Mr. Fartybottom and Sir Poop.” Then he trotted into the house, leaving me to wonder what the rest of these pictures might be of and whether I should hose them off before we get in trouble for depicting driveway obscenity…


I’m afraid to ask what these are…


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