Goodnight Garden

We live in a kind of rural place… not like the middle of nowhere. Like an hour from nowhere. (And about an hour from DC, so it’s all good…) But we have enough space that the hubs bought a ride-on mower and for the first year I got to plant a real garden. My tomatoes and squash were seriously out of control, and while my neighbors might have initially thought I was crazy when I dug up and then fenced a ten foot square pretty much in the middle of our yard, they understood when I showed up with baskets of tomatoes!


But now, it’s getting cold, and it was time to pull out the rest of the plants and settle the garden for the winter.

So I ordered a truckload of mulch, and a big truck dumped a serious mountain of it into our driveway. And for two solid weekends, I drove our little tractor around and shoveled mulch and made tree rings and stuff. I’m like an effing farmer! (Okay, not at all. But I did like driving the tractor!)


So I cleared out my garden, laid cardboard down over the dirt and then shoveled about four inches of mulch over the top of it. The hubs asked me what was up with the cardboard and I didn’t really have a good answer. I thought I read somewhere that I was supposed to do that. Don’t suppose it can hurt either way, right?


Now all our beds are mulched, my bulbs are all planted, and I even added a little tree ring out front around the cherry tree!



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