Green Guestroom Redux

Perhaps you recall my recently stenciled wall? green stencil guest wall

Maybe you will remember that in my enthusiasm, I ran out and purchased curtains that PERFECTLY matched the wall?? curtains Trellis

Well, I know it probably had you on pins and needles all through Christmas, wondering if my mother in law was living with that over-trellised monstrosity. Oh the horror! Oh, Calamity!

Well, not to worry. Just before she arrived, a new box came from Amazon. I had returned the green curtains — though I really did love them (just not in that room with the wall…) Together it was a tad too much. Together? Well, I venture to say they were MOCKING me.

But I found a nice calm grey shade that did the trick. It isn’t exciting, but with a green stenciled wall and bright pink accents left over from a whim you had five years ago, maybe you don’t need exciting. Maybe you just need grey.

So, without further ado. (What the hell is “ado” anyway?) Here is the still incomplete guest room…

Guest room grey curtains

Things that remain to be done:

  • Whitewash antique dresser
  • Update nightstand
  • Replace lampshade (lamp?) with something bigger — solid color
  • Hang a few things on the walls

The thing I’m terrible at is finding little knick knacky type things to accessorize. Suggestions welcome!


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