The Art

My kids bring home a lot of artwork. Lunchbox is in Kindergarten, so he is still creating huge 11 x 17 paintings and drawings for us to display around the house. Turbo’s art has gotten more intricate, and has lots of complicated houses filled with rooms and beds and–frighteningly–men with guns and sometimes blood. But 8 year old boys will be 8 year old boys, right?

Anyway, I’m out of room. As much as I want to keep every precious memory and wonderful owl made from fingerprints… I can’t. I’m not a hoarder and I don’t want to be one. I know that things that seem precious now are tomorrow’s junk. Don’t get me wrong–I keep a few things each month, tucking them into a folder that I convince myself I will then organize into big binders of keepsakes for them. (I haven’t done that, but I could spring into action any moment!)

So for now, I put the art here.

Today I give you, Red Dragon (Turbo) and Giraffe (Turbo, artwork commissioned by his little brother, Lunchbox, who has a particular affinity for giraffes.)