Fall has Fallen!

I do love this month, seasonal gourds and all (any other McSweeney’s fans out there? That post cracks me up. I get it out each year like a seasonal decoration that loses its appeal once the month has passed. But NOW? Now, it’s perfect!)

IMG_1588It took a while here–a close call with a hurricane, and some sweltering over-80 days that I tried to resent out of existence. But now I’m pretty sure Fall has fallen. I put up the autumn wreath, and stuck our Halloween-appropriate ribbon on it, and dropped a couple mums next to the front door, and suddenly it feels right.

The kids made me stick the crazy cat eyes in an upstairs bedroom and pull out the very few Halloween decorations we have. My efforts for Halloween are nothing compared to Christmas, but I just don’t have the energy to get things together that way for every little holiday. I’m guessing most folks are the same. As soon as Thanksgiving is officially over, I pull out all the boxes and festive up the house. And it’s exhausting, but it’s still my favorite thing to do. What’s your “do it up” holiday around the house?