Defining “Dependents”

I had big (huge) plans for a witty and heartfelt post this morning about…something. Something you’d be SO excited to read. Okay, not really. And that’s why when I found this post at the great military spouse blog “They Call Me Dependent,” it just seemed the perfect solution to the lazy blogger’s conundrum. It isn’t that there’s nothing going on at our house — on the contrary, we have scheduled our pack out dates and I’m basically looking at two months of homelessness prior to actually GOING to our new destination — more on all that later. Turbo believes that we are moving because he will soon turn 4 — or at least the two things always come up in the same sentence for him: “I’m going to be 4 so we’re getting a new house.”  Ah… to be that self-centered! 🙂 

Anyway, among all the other things I’m forced to be on a daily basis, the reality is that I am a military spouse under (above?) all else — this one definition of me determines pretty much everything else that I am, since it mandates when we move, where we live, how long we’re there, where my kids go to school and pretty much everything else in our lives that other people can decide for themselves. SO, please take a moment to read today’s post at “Anything but Dependent.” And cheers to some great writing by another military spouse!


One thought on “Defining “Dependents”

  1. Thanks for the link. 🙂 I’m so happy you found my blog, because now I have yours to read! Thanks again for sharing and I will be adding your fun blog to my blogroll! I look forward to reading more soon, Marie

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