Held Captive

This is why we turned off our cable.  Or, part of the reason.  Because I was being held captive by the TV.  And now that I’ve realized I can watch pretty much anything that held me captive on cable on the internet, I’m held captive again.  I love Grey’s Anatomy.  I can’t help it.  And usually, I watch it with a friend who lives nearby.  We have our weekly TV/wine/bitch night.  She has three kids and I have two – all under the age of six.  And with kids these ages and husbands who work unpredictable schedules and whose workdays involve hurtling through the air at subsonic (but still ridiculously fast) speeds, we drink a fair amount of wine.  And I look forward to this night.

But I haven’t been able to go in a few weeks.  Tonight, because both of our husbands are at the same “all dude” event with the squadron – one of the rare non-family events.  So I cannot go to her house because if I did, that would be considered neglectful (with the kids upstairs asleep and all).  As a result, I’ve been catching up on the internet.  And it’s silly because I’m sitting here thinking, “the Major is gone, I should go take a long warm bath… or I should go read… or something…”  But instead, I’m stuck here watching episode after episode of Grey’s.  And it’s good.  But it’s wasteful of my on most precious resource — free time.  And I could just turn it off… but, no, actually, I cannot. DAMMIT.

Vacation Days

I don’t really understand how Turbo’s school plans their schedule.  It seems like we pay the same amount each month, but each month has a completely random number of school days, based on the whims and vacation plans of the staff.  I imagine their calendar planning sessions might go like this:

Random Administrator #1:  Oh, cool, look.  February 21st is Presidents’ Day.  So we don’t have to have those pesky kids here that day.

Random Administrator #2:  Awesome.  Oh hey, I was thinking of taking a long weekend to go to San Diego and check out some of the new bars. Think we could make Friday a holiday too, then?

RA1:  Sure, I don’t see why not.  It isn’t like we’ll make any less money just for having fewer school days!

RA2:  I almost feel bad for the parents who still have to work on those days… what will they do with their kids?

RA1:  Not our problem!

RA2:  Right you are!

(High five each other and then chest bump.)

Seriously – what am I supposed to do with my kids when their schools are closed but my company is still open?  How do other parents deal with this?

I regained my sanity by going back to work 60%.  That means 24 hours a week, people… it isn’t a lot.  I have no idea how moms with full time jobs can possibly pull it off.  And my kids are tiny – how do you deal with school schedules that run from 8am to 2pm when work is from 7:30 to 4:30??  I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll end up being a “stay at home” mom when my kids start “real school” because I’ll have no other choice.  How do other moms handle this?  I don’t think the Major would be too pleased to hear that I plan to quit when Turbo enters kindergarten – and frankly, I think I’d lose my mind staying home full time!